Welcome to Chelmsford Disc Golf

We have a brand new home course in West Park which is open for everyone to play. Discs are available for hire at the onsite pro shop.

If you want to sign up, or come play with other disc golfers, please go join our group on Facebook. Here you’ll find our latest Club Events and updates.

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Chelmsford Disc Golf  is a sports club of Disc Golfers based in and around the Chelmsford area, who can be found throwing flying discs (“Frisbees” if you will) around our cities fine parks and green spaces.

But what exactly is Disc Golf?

What is Disc Golf? A sport similar to normal golf, where the aim is to get your flying disc (instead of a ball) from the tee area, into a specially designed basket (instead of a hole) in as few a throws as possible whilst navigating natural obstacles (mainly trees)…simple!

We gather to play casual rounds of Disc Golf, having designed multiple 18 and 9 hole layouts catering from short pitch and putt’s to challenging advanced courses. As we have no permanent home course or fixed professional baskets (as yet) we tend to play with objects (a.k.a. trees) or a traveler basket as hole targets. Its a great sport suitable for all providing physical activity, a super enthusiastic grassroots community and friendly competition (once you have nailed the basics) that appeals to those who like to enjoy being outdoors in nature.

Most of all, throwing discs is fun! So Contact us today to arrange your first Disc Golf Experience today!