CDGClub Round: Feb 20

After yet another week of wild winter the CDGC were out to do battle with storm Dennis as well as the course. Four golfers set out to tame the gusty 30-40mph winds, overstable discs at the ready.

The difficulty really showed with drives spraying left, right, lifting high and dropping like a stone. The putting green was really challenging, nothing quite like staring down a routine 10ft hole into a raging headwind before going 20ft long! The basket itself would barely stand in place without weighing down, often turning flips as it rolled off down the fairway.

Our friendly competitive spirits were spiked today as we had 2 close in-battles on our hands. Ben found himself after a strong back half, with a single shot lead lead stepping up to the 17th. With KP outside circle pin high left, Ben’s drive found the right side trees and the resulting forehand escape made it to 20+ft. However in this weather the putt was a hard make, so we entered the last tied.

KP again played a safe bail out shot and pitch up to secure par. Ben had ideas of victory and went for the narrow gap only for the ripping tailwind to send it plummeting towards terra firma half was down the fairway. His approach went long and the comeback putt sadly soared over the top courtesy of that headwind.

So KP’s local knowledge finally paid off to edge this one to post a reasonable +7 with Ben only one back. Alex did likewise to pull back to a 2 shot advantage over Nick which was all but settled prior to the 3 shot swing on the Island hole 16th.

Thanks to all who came, another fun round. Plus winters nearly at an end too…things are looking up!

Round Highlights

  • Ben’s fantastic forehand lined up perfectly for a long birdie sink on the never before Birdied hole 10
  • Odd thanks to the Wind, for allowing KP’s putt sat on top of hole 8’s basket for a minute or more to drop in (eventually).
  • Well done to all for avoiding the brambles in the short hole 7 despite the headwind turning thunderbirds into roadrunners.
  • Bizarre drive that caught the crosswind, subsequently flipped 360 and crashed vertically mid flight.
  • Alex’s brave woody route on the narrow par 5 6th scrambled to a very respectable 8.
  • Nick’s in bounds drive and parked approach to the notorious island green of 16.
  • Bens beautifully straight line drive into a raging headwind to park the basket of 12.
  • KP for becoming the first player ever to throw out of bounds on the wiiiiide open 11th!

Next up…the Spring…finally!

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