West Park Disc Golf Course – Now Open!

In early August, Chelmsford Disc Golf completed the installation of the new Disc Golf Course in West Park Chelmsford. It’s now open to the public from 9am till dusk (Summer Hours), please call the pro shop for more detailed opening times: 01245 257682

It has both Short and Advanced layouts so there is a 9 hole course to suit players of all levels.

If you are interested in joining a CDGC club round or just want to know more about the sport, please join our Facebook Page here: Facebook

West Park Disc Golf Course

We are thrilled to announce that very soon there should be a brand new Disc Golf Course setup in West Park, Chelmsford. Less than 15 minutes walk along the River Can from the City Centre, it’s existing golf facilities and mature parkland make it a superb location for a fun and challenging Disc Golf Course.

This will be a permanent 9 basket course with 18 tees for both Short and Advanced layouts. We are  working with the amazing folks over at Disc Golf UK to make this happen over the coming weeks.

Great news for Chelmsford Disc Golf Club and we look forward to welcoming many more members as this new era begins.

Stay tuned to the blog for latest updates…

CDGClub Round: Feb 20

After yet another week of wild winter the CDGC were out to do battle with storm Dennis as well as the course. Four golfers set out to tame the gusty 30-40mph winds, overstable discs at the ready.

The difficulty really showed with drives spraying left, right, lifting high and dropping like a stone. The putting green was really challenging, nothing quite like staring down a routine 10ft hole into a raging headwind before going 20ft long! The basket itself would barely stand in place without weighing down, often turning flips as it rolled off down the fairway.

Our friendly competitive spirits were spiked today as we had 2 close in-battles on our hands. Ben found himself after a strong back half, with a single shot lead lead stepping up to the 17th. With KP outside circle pin high left, Ben’s drive found the right side trees and the resulting forehand escape made it to 20+ft. However in this weather the putt was a hard make, so we entered the last tied.

KP again played a safe bail out shot and pitch up to secure par. Ben had ideas of victory and went for the narrow gap only for the ripping tailwind to send it plummeting towards terra firma half was down the fairway. His approach went long and the comeback putt sadly soared over the top courtesy of that headwind.

So KP’s local knowledge finally paid off to edge this one to post a reasonable +7 with Ben only one back. Alex did likewise to pull back to a 2 shot advantage over Nick which was all but settled prior to the 3 shot swing on the Island hole 16th.

Thanks to all who came, another fun round. Plus winters nearly at an end too…things are looking up!

Round Highlights

  • Ben’s fantastic forehand lined up perfectly for a long birdie sink on the never before Birdied hole 10
  • Odd thanks to the Wind, for allowing KP’s putt sat on top of hole 8’s basket for a minute or more to drop in (eventually).
  • Well done to all for avoiding the brambles in the short hole 7 despite the headwind turning thunderbirds into roadrunners.
  • Bizarre drive that caught the crosswind, subsequently flipped 360 and crashed vertically mid flight.
  • Alex’s brave woody route on the narrow par 5 6th scrambled to a very respectable 8.
  • Nick’s in bounds drive and parked approach to the notorious island green of 16.
  • Bens beautifully straight line drive into a raging headwind to park the basket of 12.
  • KP for becoming the first player ever to throw out of bounds on the wiiiiide open 11th!

Next up…the Spring…finally!

CDGClub Round: Dec 19

It was midwinters morning, the darkest day of the year. 6 brave folks braved the elements and tramped through mud, semi submerged greens (looking at you 16th) and the odd drizzle to enjoy a fun morning of Disc Golf.

KP posted the hot score again taking advantage of him being the course designer. An impressive debut from Kevin Eagle shooting a cool +6 despite carding a double and a triple bogey. CD and Alex continued their battle with Alex shooting the low score only to be overtaken by 1 shot once the Handicap was applied. New players Matt and Marta started out slow, but got into the swing showing big improvements in very little time at all.

Round Highlights:

  • CD threading the needle through an totally impossible gap on his 250ft+ upshot on hole 14 only to hit chains and splash out.
  • Kevin Eagle ruining a first ever group Star Par with a Birdie on 12 (!)
  • More tree/bush hits then fairway hits on hole 6…again!
  • Marta’s daring forehand escape from deep in the tree jungle on hole 5.
  • 3 x consecutive Pars (a turkey!) from Matt
  • Kevin Eagle nabbing a birdie on the tricky par 4 15th with a glorious forehand approach only to leave the putt like this…(yes it counts!)

CDGClub Round: Nov 19

For November’s Club round a brave trio gathered in Hylands for the first outing on the remodelled 18 hole club layout.

It was cold and sodden from overnight rain, so feet didn’t stay dry for long. But with hand-warmers distributed, hot drinks consumed it was time to get going. We soon warmed up and the sun came out on a perfect autumn day with not a breath of wind in the air.

This new layout builds upon Stoddy’s feedback and was all the better for it. The front 9 is a technical and tight layout with plenty of wooded greens which leaves little margin for error. Birdies for the brave, but certainly achievable for all. The back 9 opens out and rewards long and accurate throws.

Overall feedback was positive and whilst may need some tinkering has huge potential. Most of all it was fun to play and enjoyable from novices through to advanced players.

Round Highlights

  • KP set a ‘new’ course record of -3
  • Career best scores from Chris and Alex.
  • Everyone making the tricky Mando on hole 3 with style.
  • Both Chris and Alex trying unsuccessfully to find a direct route to 5’s basket through the ‘woods’
  • Alex’s backhand form improving by the throw.
  • KP’s pinpoint midrange tee shots bagging him 3 birdies.
  • Chris’ unleashing the full power potential of his drives.
  • Alex drained a huge 60ft putt on hole 12 through the roof of the basket.
  • Chris finding the only thorny patch on hole 6.
  • Chris parking hole 15 (from a Re-Tee).

Hylands Test Flight

A beautiful late summer morning was reward for an early start as the sun dappled through the grand old trees at Hylands Park.

It was a unique morning as I was joined by a very special guest. The vastly experienced disc golfer, well travelled, BDGA communications officer and recent winner of the Quarry Park Masters, Paul Stoddard.

He was here not only to play disc golf mind. CDG were very keen to give him a guided tour of our potential layouts to get his sage advice on hole design.

Fair to say the golf from both of us suffered somewhat from following so soon after the Creeksea Classic. Yet it was his advice and disc golf brain fountain that was in full flow, pouring out invaluable tips. All of which have been absorbed and taken forward as we adapt towards the eventual goal of a permanent course that caters for Families through to Professionals.

Rather than a usual round-up, here are a few memorable quotes from the morning:

“It’s like a nice Croydon” (Sorry Croydonites)

“If you wanted…you could place the basket over here” (Next to a pond!)

“Pushing the basket into the trees would really make it a Par 5” (Devious pin placement)

“This is spacious compared to Quarry Park” (Verification of a not so tight line)

Thanks Stoddy! CDGC look forward to welcoming you back as we develop our disc golf future.

Road Trip: Lakenheath

A trio of golfers from the Chelmsford Disc Golf Club made the journey to the USA on a stunning end of summer day (administratively at least). We were duly signed in and entered the home of the American 48th Fighter Wing stationed at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk.

A strong showing from across the south east had gathered in homage to the last throws of Essex Legend, Steve Kornmuller. It turned out to be a fantastic showcase of disc golf eventually resulting in the win after 36 holes by Paul (Princess) McCullough after a tense playoff with Kornmuller.

Steve K, not hitting the first available tree!

But the side event was what mattered most to secure bragging rights within the Chelmsford crew during the morning round. A Handicapped Skins match (+1 per hole for Novice players) turned out to be very close affair.

The course itself was a 9 basket mix of compact technical wooded and short open holes. We played alternate tees on the second loop which gave each hole a new angle of attack. Placed on the edge of the runway we were always hopeful for some flights heading in, but alas pilots have weekends off too!!!

Back to the action. We all played well in patches, but despite equalling the hot round of the morning (-4) with an impressive putting display, KP was defeated by 1 skin by the consistency and accuracy of Alex’s forehands. He took home a brand new disc from the now depleted treasure trove of Steve’s boot, a Gateway Apache for his efforts!

Round Highlights:

KP clearly doesn’t know how far 10m is as he was heard pretty much every hole saying (is this in or out of the circle) before duly hitting the putt!

Chris finding yet another impossible lie in the stingers in the short par 3 hole 7.

Alex smoked a drive into the middle of the pond on hole 9. It was wet and boggy but he managed to find his disc, a lie and then an incredible escape out toward the basket.

Chris preventing a runaway victory by Alex by matching his score on many occasions.

KP making par with double rollers on the tricky hole 3 (backhand then forehand).

Which way is the basket Alex?

Chelmsford Disc Golf: Doubles Challenge

An intrepid foursome from the Chelmsford Disc Golf Club took the short trip down to the glorious Creeksea championship course to play in the Inaugural Doubles Challenge. The course was in absolutely perfect condition, freshly pruned, landscaped and mowed in prep for the Euro Tour Event in a few weeks time. Let’s meet the teams:

CRAT: Chris & Matt (Both Nov.)

KPAD: Kevin (KP) & Alex (MA2 & Nov.)

Format: Best Shot Matchplay Doubles (both players throw from best lie). With consideration to fairness the team of 2 Novice Division players, team CRAT took in a handicap of 1 shot per par 3 and 2 shots per Par 4 over team KPAD.

Commentary: With two evenly matched teams it was always going to be a close battle. It turned out this way, with never more than 2 holes separating the teams. There were standout performances and plenty of highlights. Here’s what happened:

Hole 1: First hole jitters sent KP’s drive into almost first available tree, but having fought through to fairway’s edge pitched up nicely for the par. But Chris slammed in a huge outside circle putt to half the hole. ALL SQUARE

Hole 2: Despite a wayward drive, the added distance from KP helped setup a good par on this difficult par 4. Chris and Matt ricochet’d their way to a respectable 6. KPAD 1 UP

Hole 3: With KP almost guaranteed par from a pin high left drive, up stepped Matt to his blind shot, only to hit the top of the basket from well over 100ft!!! It didn’t roll away and so hole halved. KPAD 1 UP

Hole 4: Alex placed a nice forehand drive down the tree line so KP went for the pin. But he never got it turning and it sailed miles OB. Chris and Matt capitalised on wayward KPAD upshots with another big edge of circle putt from Chris to take back a hole. ALL SQUARE

Hole 5: Alex smashed a forehand, but it flipped early into the headwind diving straight into the OB pond, KP’s almost did similar on the hyzer line. A strong upshot from Matt meant another halved hole. ALL SQUARE

Hole 6: Alex placed a super drive to circle 2 to gain CTP but couldn’t sink the long putt for birdie. Matt managed to stay inbounds after Chris buried his first run Blizzard Wraith into the sharpest bushes known to man. A lot of scratches and scrapes later Chris sunk a difficult uphill putt from 20ft for par to take the hole. CRAT 1 UP

Hole 7: With KP lying in the fairway having almost hyzered OB, Chris smashed a fantastic drive to match him. Both teams upshots were inside circle. KPAD made good from 10ft and Chris yet again made a trick 20 footer to take the hole. CRAT 2 UP

Hole 8: A hole to forget for CRAT. Alex tapped out a low stress par to reduce the deficit. CRAT 1 UP

Hole 9: Spectacularly, all 4 tee shots found OB! Some scrappy scrambling from both teams gave KPAD an opportunity to level the match. Alex missed the first, but KP made sure of the second. ALL SQUARE

Hole 10: A lovely touch upshot from Matt left KPAD running uphill death putts for birdie in a strong tailwind. Needless to say CRAT restored their lead. CRAT 1 UP

Hole 11: Big drive from Chris nestled just in front of the mando tree and Matts forehand flick approach made light work of the hole. KP’s good drive to just outside circle was converted for solo birdie to tie scores. CRAT 1 UP

Hole 12: Both KP and Alex’s drives buried into the left tree lines, managing to scramble out to a disappointing bogey. But CRAT could not capitalise on the mistakes. CRAT 1 UP

Hole 13: A couple of pinpoint 150ft drives dissected the hold for CRAT leaving them with a long look for par. KP’s long but way right drive left an improvised 40ft thumber approach which was well executed. CRAT couldn’t convert and we move on to the water holes. CRAT 1 UP

Hole 14: Out came the floating discs for this nervous tee shot to the ponds edge, but only Alex found the water. Matt’s straight but short drive was duly flung under the bucket for a good par. KPAD’s risky 60ft putt straight at the water did stay dry, but didn’t go in. CRAT 2 UP

Hole 15: 3 out of 4 drives ended up in the drink here on this short water clearance hole. Alex however stepped up a parked a forehand within 15ft slightly down the bank. He sank the putt for his first ever Birdie and took the hole! CRAT 1 UP

Hole 16: KP busts out his only sidearm of the round to good effect, getting into circle 2. Matt’s accurate drive through the narrow gap, set himself up for another good approach to make a 4. KPAD couldn’t convert for birdie to draw level. CRAT 1 UP

Hole 17: Needing to claw a hole back to tie the match, KPAD were ace running! KP’s effort was long left with a tricky 35ft putt to come. Matt beautifully flicked out of the right side bushes to setup Chris to hole out a pressure putt. To take the match into the last hole KPAD needed to sink their birdie putt. Alex’s effort was valiant, but high and left. Then KP stepped up with his trademark jump putt and hit right side chains which duly nestled in the basket! Onto 18 we go with all to play for! CRAT 1 UP

HOLE 18: CRAT were confident of victory as they surveyed the last. But Alex’s accurate placement forehand gave KP opportunity to run the basket. The distance was looking perfect as his Star Orc assaulted the sky on a huge hyzer line. But the ripping crosswind has something to say about that and pushed it out 80ft pin high left. Chris’ beautifully shaped leftie Anhyzer drive put Matt into position to approach to the edge of the guardian bush. A missed putt and a tap in later, CRAT had carded the 4 meaning KPAD now needed to throw in for birdie to take this into a playoff. KP took out his Pro-Dart and launched a straight shot hard but 2ft wide. While Alex’s forehand attempt also flew past long. It was all over for KPAD…CRAT were the winners! CRAT 2 UP

So Chris and Matt are our first Doubles Challenge champions, winning by 2 Holes!

A great morning of disc golf was had by all and we’re already looking forward to the rematch, only next time…bigger and better!


Essex Open 2019

Blue skies and brilliant sunshine greeted a good sized field for the 2 day C-Tier competition @ The University of Essex on 3/4th August 2019. With the students out for summer, it was Disc Golf time to enjoy the wonderful grounds of Wivenhoe Park.

This was Steve Kornmuller’s farewell event as TD here at Colchester. After being in the UK for 14 years and being the heartbeat of Disc Golf in the East of England, he’s sadly returning to his native USA. His absence will be massively felt in Essex. I’ve personally benefited from his tuition, enthusiasm, positively in adversity, and most of all his love for Disc Golf (and discraft discs). This weekend was a fitting farewell event that underlined his position, as one which cannot be replaced.

The weekend ran as smooth as clockwork, with 35 players tackling 3 rounds of division based 18 stroke play followed by a festival of frisbee with GUTS, Double Disc Court (DDC), KanJam and MTA.

Congrats to all the winners who got some sweet discs as prizes from Steve’s special box of discs. https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/42254

Another successful Essex Open down, let’s hope it’s back next year too!

Snowy start to 2018

Not even falling snow could stop the first round of Disc Golf of 2018, as we rolled into Hylands Park full of optimism to open the account for a new year of Disc Golf action. Thankfully it was deceptively warm, with the bitterly cold wind refraining from blowing until the closing few holes. We were playing the Repton layout today, our main course newly redesigned to make it more approachable for new players. It does not venture far from the beautifully manicured front lawns and avoids the wilderness this well maintained 18th century estate can offer.

Round In Review

Hole 1: KP after finding himself right under the might oak defending the green, somehow managed to flick a short forehand through the web of branches (impossible in summer) to nab a rare scrambled opening par.
Hole 3: Both made the island safely, with KP converting for birdie.
Hole 4: New extended layout provided much tougher challenge at over 600ft, a fine par 4 for big arms.
Hole 6: KP smashed a huge drive round the dogleg left to setup an easy pitch for birdie. Hole to be extended to make it a more difficult par 4.
Hole 10: Both made the double mando (at the second attempt!) with no OB strokes. KP upshot slid down the OB road to narrowly avoid an penalty stroke.
Hole 12: CD buried a drive deep into the first tree, yet scrambled a respectable triple bogey post tricky pitch out. KP played the risky anhyzer line to card his first ever par on the hole.
Hole 13: CD ripped a lovely lefty hyzer drive to circles edge to only just miss the birdie putt.
Hole 17: Changed up the layout from basic right hand backhand hyzer to hard turning distance anhyzer. KP’s roller got to within 50 ft, but putt hampered in the guardian tree.
Hole 18: Moved the basket left by 30ft to take advantage of some unexpected natural basket elevation, a fun green to finish on.

KP set new course record at -2.
CD enjoyed the new layout as an recreational player.

We also need to work out how UDisc Sync works properly!