What is Disc Golf?

Disc Golf? A sport similar to normal golf, where the aim is to get your flying disc (instead of a ball) from the tee area, into a specially designed basket (instead of a hole) in as few a throws as possible whilst navigating natural obstacles (mainly trees)…simple!

Of course…it can get a lot more complicated than this but the above captures the spirit and essence of the basics of playing Disc Golf. For those interested, read on…

Playing Disc Golf
From the tee you select your first disc, typically a Driver, an aerodynamic disc designed to fly fast and far. You throw you Tee shot  and progress to where the disc landed. From here you throw again from behind your first disc to make your approach to the basket. For the approach shot, you’d use a more controllable Mid Range disc with less distance potential. Once in range of the basket and on the green (30ft circle), next is the Putter shot which flies slow but very straight, hopefully into the chains making the disc come to rest suspended in the basket to hole-out. Record your score and onto the next hole…

Disc Golf Holes
Typical disc golf holes are par 3 and range from approx 60 to 120m in length depending on elevation changes and the density of trees/obstacles. Par 4’s can stretch in excess of 200m. Very rarely will you have a directly clear shot, as courses are designed with a multitude of left and right turning holes with baskets in precarious and protected positions behind or under tree’s.

Throwing Discs
There are many different ways of gripping and throwing the disc to ensure an suitable flight to the desired landing spot, and avoiding obstacles including:
Backhand – Typical throw as you would normally throw a catch Frisbee.
Forehand/Sidearm – Flicking the disc with your fingers as you would skim a stone.
Overhand – Throwing over your head as you would a cricket or baseball.
Roller – Throwing directly at the ground ahead of you to roll the disc on its edge.

Professional Disc Golf
The governing body of the sport is called the PDGA, who manage the official rule book and competition manuals for disc golf events.

Elite competition is thriving with professionally produced content now broadcast weekly via various YouTube channels (check out Jomez & SpinTV). You can watch each stop on the Disc Golf Pro Tour based in the USA, as well as the Disc Golf World Tour which has events across Europe, Australia and the US. Top professional players attend weekly events for cash prizes similar to any other sport. The pinnacle events of the sport are the Pro Worlds, the USDGC and the European Masters. The current PDGA World Champions are Page Pierce & Ricky Wysocki.

Top Shots
And there is nothing quite like hitting an Ace…